01 February 2009

Treatment for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Most addiction treatment centers take care of the physical and mental aspects of the addiction. It's best to pluck the person out of their environment because of temptations, enablers, stress and more that can cause failure. Some centers are holistic, adding in nutrition and spirituality to help the patient find the inner peace they never had before.

The following links are to centers that can help. Contact one to get the ball rolling...

A Forever Recovery uses a mind, body and spirit approach to treatment.

Find links to treatment centers throughout the USA via the Addiction Treatment Library. Just type in your state and hit enter!

Clearview Treatment Center in Southern California - two locations

The Addiction Treatment Help Line - 24/7 hotline plus many locations

Summer House in Miami, Florida

The Holistic Treatment Program - many locations

Treatment Solutions Network - many locations



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