03 December 2008

Sex Anyone?

I have been asked to write an article about a product called Axcite LP7. The manufacturer is marketing it more as a chemical/pheromone than as a cologne that smells nice. Their angle is that this new product attracts heterosexual women and makes them want to jump in bed with whomever is wearing it. They have a no questions asked, money back guarentee.

How a person smells can make or break a physical relationship. I'd agree with that. The stinky guys pretty much have to keep a distance from me anyway! The guys who smell nice definitely keep the girls around longer. Axcite LP7 is supposed to be real subtle with it's odor. Brain scans are said to have proven heterosexual women respond to certain smells called pheremones. This information was used to develop Axcite LP7 for men looking for a booty call at a party as well as for married men who want to spice up their relationship with their wife.

I have a few questions:

How strong is this product? Can it's "power" overcome the issue that a man might be severly ugly, rude or generally disgusting? I am sure the product only attracts and it's up to the guy's personality to win the gal's heart.

Is this a product that should be marketed toward losers to make them "winners?" Their website has pictures of hot women and is a few steps away from soft porn. That should be enough to get a loser to try a bottle.

If a woman tries Axcite LP7, will it attract another women? If so, this product should also be marketed to the Lesbian demographic. Will it make a previously heterosexual woman want to jump in the sack and try out the gay experience? I don't think that's what the manufacturer was going for.

Does this product turn "prudes" into "sluts?" I doubt it.

Does it only work on weak-minded women? Is this some sort of mind control? Nah.

Perhaps there is also a placebo effect for the man who tries it out. He enters a room, more self-confident than before. People are attracted to his self-confidence, which shouldn't be confused with big egos. It's an ice-breaker to get him started, get some introductions.

If this product does work, the wearer is still on their own to do fantastic things under the sheets.

The psychology of sex is very complicated and varied. No two people are alike. I don't think even one person is consistent from day to day about the issue.

Hopefully this new product is better than Old Spice and Irish Spring!

Perhaps Axcite LP7 is the greatest new attractant but I think it's still up to the guy's personality to keep the girl around, let alone get her into bed. That's my two cents!

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