29 October 2008

ADHD - My Daughter's Experience


When my daughter finished kindergarten her teacher told me she was "young" and worried that she might have trouble getting tasks completed in 1st grade, even eating lunch in time. As the years went on my daughter continued to be "young" and did indeed have difficulty meeting deadlines and time limits with her assignments.

In 4th grade her school started handing out letter grades and report cards. I helped her study for tests and quite honestly she sometimes seemed like an airhead. I'd tell her a fact, then immediately ask her a question to which the fact was the answer and she'd guess something else. It was frustrating. In 5th grade she confused this information with that information. Most of the facts were in her head, but they were a jumbled mess, not organized at all. She's been tested by several experts and her teachers in 4th and 5th grade filled out questionaires.

She now sees a psychologist once a month and psychiatrist for ADHD and anxiety twice a month. And she's on Adderall- I noticed a difference right away with the meds. Most of the airhead stuff is gone and she's on top of things.

In 5th grade she received D's on her report card. This year is starting out with A's and B's. I had fights and frustrations with the 4th grade teacher (didn't want to make sure homework was written down or books were brought home) and with the 5th grade teacher (everything under the sun he refused. he even told the school counselor no on her requests! )

My fingers are crossed that with alot of hard work, maturity and med's my daughter succeeds in school from now on.

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