09 February 2009

The Mini Cog Screening Test for Alzheimer's

The "Mini-Cog" is a simple, quick test that only takes about 3 minutes to do and is often used in emergency departments to identify people who might need more help, beyond what their emergency is all about.

First the person is asked to repeat three unrelated words. This is the same as in the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE).

Next, the person is asked to draw a clock. This is the same as the Clock Drawing Test (CDT).

Finally the person is then asked to recall the previously-given three words. If the person has difficulty remembering any of the three words then they are categorized as "probably demented."

If the person draws their clock that is in any way abnormal they are deemed "probably demented."

The Mini-Cog test results are only a small step toward the diagnosis of dementia. It is not used by itself to make a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

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